Our work was funded by these research grants:

International Veterinary Vaccinology Network (IVVN) pump priming grant “Rethinking ‘impossible’: creating a platform for developing novel vaccines against animal trypanosomiasis in Brazil

BBSRC Responsive mode grant (BB/S001980/1) “New approaches to a livestock trypanosomiasis vaccine: targeting the bite-site by immunization with novel metacyclic-stage parasite antigens

BBSRC Brazil Partnering Award (BB/R021139/1) “A Collaborative Initiative to Develop Animal Trypanosomiasis Vaccines in Brazil

BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership PhD studentship 2016, 2018

Wellcome Trust Collaborative Award (206815/Z/17/Z) “Challenging trypanosome antigenic variation paradigms using natural systems

BBSRC New Investigator Award (BB/M022811/1) “Variant antigen profiling: a novel genomic tool for diagnosis and surveillance of animal African trypanosomiasis

Leverhulme Trust research grant (RPG-2014-005) “Evolutionary genomics of free-living and parasitic amoebae

Grand Challenges Explorations (Round 11) “An Analytical Tool to Transform Genomic Approaches to Nagana